Friday, December 21, 2007


If you enter a film...


Juding is really very easy, once the challenge is complete and all films have been released, you usually have until the end of the following Sunday night to pick your top three films, and email them as #1 #2 and #3 to

Please include both the filmmakers name and the film title when you send them in!

One vote per film/team. And no voting for your own film!
If you didn't enter, you don't get to vote!

And on what criteria do you pick your top three films?

Voting should be weighted 50% for production quality, and 50% for use of theme/story.

Here is a system that might help.
Give each film two ratings out of 10. One for how well it uses the theme, one for overall production value. Write them down in order as you watch and readjust as you see fit.

For example:
________Theme/Story ______ Production
Film A________9_____________ 9.5
Film B________8______________9
Film C________7______________7
Film D________5______________7
Film E________8______________3

By the end you will have a list that represents fairly accurately your best choices, and no films get forgotten. You may want to go back and rewatch your top 5 just to make sure they are as good as you remember them.

Have fun!